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Netpac – Bridging the Gap in Pakistan’s IT Landscape

Imagine a bustling marketplace where cutting-edge technology from across the globe seamlessly meets the needs of businesses right here in Pakistan. Netpac, a Value-Added Distributor (VAD) such as the leading TP-Link distributor in Pakistan, has been meticulously building for the past 28 years.

Since 1993, Netpac has been a driving force in Pakistan’s IT landscape, consistently growing at an impressive 24% annually. This phenomenal success story isn’t just about numbers; it’s about the 500+ resellers and offices scattered across the country, all connected by a shared passion for bringing intelligent IT solutions to life. So, whether you’re a tech entrepreneur seeking the latest networking gear from TP-Link or a seasoned corporate leader looking for a cutting-edge security solution, Netpac is your one-stop shop. We’re not just distributors; we’re your trusted partners in the ever-evolving world of IT.

Specialization in E-Security and E-Business Solutions 

Netpac’s distinctive strength lies in its unwavering commitment to specialization, particularly in the critical domains of e-security and e-business solutions. In an era marked by digital vulnerabilities, Netpac stands as a beacon of security, catering to the evolving needs of businesses in Pakistan.

In the field of e-security, Netpac takes a proactive approach by curating and promoting cutting-edge products from renowned brands such as HIKVISION, ZKTECO, and TP-LINK. Notably, Netpac introduces solutions like the advanced 32 Channel DVR Camera System, providing businesses with a comprehensive surveillance infrastructure. This state-of-the-art system ensures unparalleled monitoring capabilities, enhancing security protocols for businesses across the country.

Simultaneously, Netpac addresses the dynamic landscape of e-business solutions. Collaborating with industry-leading brands like MIKROTIK, UBIQUITI, and SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC, Netpac offers a suite of products that bolster network performance, connectivity, and overall operational efficiency. From high-performance routers to smart energy solutions, Netpac’s portfolio empowers businesses to navigate the intricacies of the digital marketplace seamlessly.

Netpac’s Brief Product Portfolio 

Netpac’s expansive product portfolio encompasses a diverse range of leading brands, each carefully selected to meet the unique needs of businesses in Pakistan. As a trusted distributor, Netpac ensures that businesses have access to top-quality products, coupled with unparalleled expertise and support.

TP-LINK Distributor in Pakistan

Netpac proudly serves as the exclusive TP-Link distributor in Lahore, Pakistan, connecting businesses with cutting-edge networking solutions. TP-Link, renowned for its innovative routers and networking devices, empowers businesses with reliable connectivity solutions. From high-speed routers to advanced switches, businesses can rely on Netpac to deliver TP-Link’s latest offerings, enhancing their digital connectivity.


In the realm of affordable yet powerful networking solutions, Netpac introduces businesses to Mercusys. As a distributor, Netpac ensures businesses can access Mercusys’ modem routers at competitive prices in Pakistan. This strategic partnership not only emphasizes Netpac’s commitment to affordability but also highlights the accessibility of Mercusys’ products, meeting the diverse connectivity needs of businesses across Pakistan.


Netpac plays a pivotal role as the exclusive HIKVISION distributor in Pakistan, offering businesses cutting-edge surveillance solutions. The collaboration introduces businesses to advanced security technologies, including the exclusive 32 Channel DVR Camera System. This partnership reinforces Netpac’s commitment to providing top-tier security solutions, setting the standard for surveillance in Pakistan.


Netpac addresses the growing demand for high-speed internet by partnering with Baynet. Serving as the distributor for Baynet, Netpac contributes to the evolution of internet connectivity in Pakistan. The collaboration ensures that businesses and individuals experience the benefits of fast and reliable fiber optics internet in Lahore through Baynet’s robust infrastructure, meeting the need for seamless online experiences.


Netpac extends its reach into networking solutions with brands like WI-TEK, MIKROTIK, and UBIQUITI. These partnerships enable Netpac to deliver high-performance routers, switches, and network solutions. Businesses can rely on Netpac to provide access to the latest products from these brands, enhancing their network infrastructure and performance.


Netpac’s collaboration with MIMOSA, V-SOL, and LITANG ensures businesses have access to a diverse set of connectivity solutions. Whether it’s wireless communication, optical network units, or comprehensive networking solutions like the Outdoor PTP/PTMP Backhaul, Netpac empowers businesses to bridge connectivity gaps and stay ahead in the competitive landscape.


As a distributor for SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC, Netpac brings smart energy solutions to businesses. From energy-efficient products to advanced solutions for power management such as Single Mode OS1/OS2, Netpac ensures that businesses have access to SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC’s innovative offerings, contributing to sustainable and efficient energy usage.


Netpac’s association with CORNING and PANDUIT underscores its commitment to providing businesses with reliable network infrastructures. Whether it’s fiber optic solutions or comprehensive cabling systems, Netpac ensures that businesses have the foundational elements for a robust and resilient network.


As a distributor for ZKTECO, Netpac adds an extra layer of security to businesses. ZKTECO’s advanced security solutions, combined with Netpac’s commitment to safety, ensure that businesses can implement biometric access control systems and other state-of-the-art security measures such as inspection systems.


Netpac partners with TOTEN to provide businesses with high-quality rack and enclosure solutions. TOTEN’s products, distributed through Netpac, contribute to the efficient organization and management of IT infrastructure, ensuring businesses can optimize their space and resources.


NetLink, as a brand distributed by Netpac, represents a commitment to providing businesses with comprehensive networking solutions. From BNC cables to PDU (Power Distribution Unit), NetLink products, delivered through Netpac, contribute to the seamless integration of networking components.

Future of Netpac 

Netpac envisions a future where it continues to be at the forefront of innovation and excellence in the IT distribution landscape. The company is committed to further expanding its reach, fostering new partnerships, and embracing emerging technologies to stay ahead of industry dynamics. Netpac’s vision revolves around being a catalyst for positive change, empowering businesses with the latest solutions, and maintaining its status as a reliable partner in Pakistan’s evolving digital journey.


As we reflect on Netpac’s journey, it’s not just about distribution—it’s about connecting, innovating, and growing together. From our humble beginnings in 1993 to becoming a cornerstone in Pakistan’s IT landscape, every step has been a testament to our commitment to excellence. Our vision is a collaborative one—where businesses, big and small, thrive in the digital realm. Hence, to those yet to join the Netpac family, whether you’re a manufacturer with groundbreaking technology or a reseller seeking a reliable ally, our doors are wide open. Let’s build a future where every connection counts, where security is paramount, and where efficiency is the norm. Netpac invites you to be part of this dynamic journey, where the possibilities are as limitless as our collective imagination.

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