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Bnc Cable

BNC (Bayonet Neill–Concelman) is a miniature quick connect/disconnect radio frequency connector used for coaxial cable.

CCTV Camera Cable Full Copper

The most commonly used camera coax cable within the Netlink system is the RG59 siamese cable. Netlink’s coaxial siamese cable always features shielding to minimize signal interference.


Main distribution board (MDB) is a distribution board that fulfills all the functions of a main electrical distribution for the supplied area assigned to it and where the voltage is measured for operating the electric supply system for safety services


Accessories are items of equipment that are not usually essential, but can be used with or added to something else in order to make it more efficient, useful.

Cable Ties

A cable tie organizes electrical cables and wires by binding them together. They are made of metallic, nonmetallic, and composite materials.

PDU (Power Distribution Unit)

A power distribution unit (PDU) is a device with multiple power outlets that provides electrical protection and distributes power to IT equipment within a rack.

Netlink systems
Patch Cords Cat6 High Quality

A Cat6 patch cable, also known as a Cat6 Ethernet cable, is a type of network cable used for connecting devices to a local area network (LAN).


PLC splitter, also called Planar Waveguide Circuit splitter, is a device used to divide one or two light beams into multiple light beams uniformly or combine multiple light beams to one or two light beams.

Fiber Optic Rack Mount ODF

Rack-mount fiber optic distribution frame is modulated design with draw able trays inside and cold-rolled steel box.

Fiber Optic Patch Cords Single Mode

Single-mode fiber patch cable is composed of a fiber optic cable terminated with single mode fiber optic connectors at both ends. 

Netlink Systems
Fiber Optic Patch Cord Multimode

Multimode fiber patch cable is composed of a fiber optic cable terminated with multimode fiber optic connectors at both ends. 

Fiber To Ethernet Media Converters

These Media Converters are used to enable connections of UTP copper-based Ethernet equipment to various optical fiber cable such as multimode, single mode, or single strand fiber.


Netlink systems
Netlink systems