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CAT5e offers significantly improved performance over the old CAT5 standard, including up to 10 times faster speeds and a significantly greater ability to traverse distances without being impacted by crosstalk.

cable connections for internet
Cat-6 Family

Category 6 cable, commonly known as network, LAN, or Ethernet data cable, is a 4 twisted pair sheathed copper wire cable. Therefore, It can support data transfer rates of up to 1 gigabit (1,000 megabits), making it an excellent choice for reliable cable connection for internet. Explore the best Cat 6 cable price in Pakistan today.

cable connections for internet
Cat 6A Family

Category 6a is an Ethernet cable standard that is often called Cat6a. However, Category 6a stands for Augmented Category 6. The standard supports the transmission of large amounts of data at high speeds of up to 500 MHz. Furthermore, explore our services to learn about the latest Cat 6 cable price in Pakistan.

cable connections for internet
Network Tools

PoE+ switches support devices like video IP phones, wireless access points with multiple antennas, and complex surveillance cameras, hence provide a reliable cable connection for internet.

cable connection for internet
Network Switches (Gigabit )

A gigabit switch is a type of Ethernet network switch, that allows devices to be connected to a LAN at speeds of 1 Gbps or higher.

cable connection for internet
POE + Network Switches

PoE+ switches support devices such as video IP phones, wireless access points with multiple antennas, and complex surveillance cameras.

cable connection for internet
Media Convertors

A media converter is a networking device that connects two different media, like Ethernet copper and Ethernet fiber.

cable connection for internet
SFP Modules

The SFP ports on a switch and SFP modules enable the switch to connect to fiber and Ethernet cables of different types and speeds.

PoE Injector
PC Magazine defines the PoE injector as follows: “A device that adds power to an Ethernet cable for Power over Ethernet (PoE) equipment”. 
Single Mode Fiber Optic Cables Gyts Armored Direct Burial

Therefore, armored fiber optic cable consists of multiple layers to safeguard it against rodents, abrasion, additionally,  twisting, ensuring the protection of the cable connection for internet with its plastic outer jacket.

Single Mod Duplex Patch Cords

Moreover, PoE+ switches support devices such as video IP phones, wireless access points with multiple antennas, and complex surveillance cameras.

ODF Wall Mount mm/sm

Multimode cables are 62.5/125, the standard for network equipment, and use the highest grade connectors and a PC polish. However, all patch cords are 2 meters in length.

Multimode Om2 Duplex Patch Cords

Therefore, multimode cables are 62.5/125, the standard for network equipment, and use the highest grade connectors and a PC polish. 

Multimode Om3 Duplex Patch Cords

OM3 supports 10 Gigabit Ethernet up to 300 meters, and 40/100 Gigabit Ethernet up to 100 meters. Furthermore, OM4 is identified by its aqua jacket color.

ODF Rack Mount mm/sm

Therefore, the ODF is a purpose-made rack designed to accommodate high density Feeder Panels or split panels used in FTTH PON networks. 

ODF Rack Mount Sliding mm/sm

Moreover, the ODF is a purpose-made rack designed to accommodate high density Feeder Panels or Splitter Panels used in FTTH PON networks. 

SC Connectors / Splicing Trays / Sleaves

Furthermore, splice trays hold individual or mass fusion spliced fibers and are typically installed within fiber optic enclosures and patch panels.

ODF Outdoor Wall Mount mm/sm

ODF equipment shall be designed to allow multiple mounting on a standard metric (ETSI) rack having dimensions in mm

Termination Box Plastic & Mattel mm/sm

However, an electrical terminal box is an electrical structure used to house specific connections but lacks room for future expansion or any addition of more connections later on.


Moreover, an electrical terminal box serves as a structure to house specific connections but does not allow for future expansion or the addition of more cable connection for internet later on.

OM2 Glass is able to carry 10Gb Ethernet at a data rate of 1 Gbps up to 82 meters (270 ft) on an LED light source.

FFTH / Fiber Termination Tools

Fiber optic termination necessitates tools like a fiber stripper, scribe, Aramid yarn scissors, adjustable cable jacket stripper, polishing puck, glass plate, additionally, rubber pad for PC connector polishing, crucial for single-mode termination. Therefore, technicians rely on these tools actively to secure dependable cable connection for internet.

8 Port Gpon Olt & SFP Module

GPON full form is Gigabit Passive Optical Network. It is increasingly being used in FTTH and FTTP networks to deliver voice, data and video services at gigabit speed. 

FTTH Terminal Box

This outdoor fiber optic distribution box accommodates 2 fiber optic cables, supports splitters and up to 8 fusions, fits 4 SC Simplex or 4 LC duplex adapters, and facilitates cable connection for internet use indoors and outdoors.

Without Head Gpon Plc Splitter

An optical splitter is an essential component used in an FTTH GPON where a single optical input is split into multiple outputs.

Fix Box Plastic Type Gpon Plc Splitters

PLC splitter, also called Planar Waveguide Circuit splitter, is a device used to divide one or two light beams into multiple light beams uniformly or combine multiple light beams to one or two light beams.

Mini Gpon Plc Splitters

The splitter breaks the single signal from the central office into numerous signals that may eventually be distributed to up to 64 customers.

Rack Mount Gpon Plc Splitters

Therefore, an optical splitter in FTTH GPON systems divides a single optical input into multiple outputs, facilitating a single OLT port’s service to multiple ONTs. However, this setup enables the deployment of a Point to Multi Point (P2MP) physical fiber network.

Ratio Fbt Coupler Gpon Plc Splitters
FBT couplers come in 1:2 and 2:2 split ratios, including asymmetric ones. Therefore, CommScope packages their splitters/couplers in a compact housing with choices of 250 μm and 900 μm leads, and the input fiber color coding is easily discernible.
Ratio Fbt Gpon Plc Splitters Without Head

The FBT splitter achieves a maximum 1:32 split ratio, allowing one or two inputs to split into a maximum of 32 fibers at once. Furthermore, in contrast, the PLC splitter offers a 1:64 split ratio, accommodating one or two inputs with a maximum output of 64 fibers.

Box Type GPON PLC Splitters

PLC (Planar Lightwave Circuit) splitters are used to distribute or combine optical signals.

Power Supplies

A power supply is an electrical device that offers electric power to an electrical load such as laptop computer, server, or other electronic devices.