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Netpac’s Baynet: Transforming the World of Fiber Optics Internet 

Netpac: Pakistan’s Trusted IT Solutions Partner 

Since 1993, Netpac has been Pakistan’s leading IT distributor for top international brands. With a partner network of 500+ re-sellers all over the country, Netpac stands as the preeminent company with a 24% annual growth rate for over a decade. Our offices are present in all major cities of Pakistan including, Karachi, Islamabad, Multan, Quetta, Faisalabad, and Peshawar and our head office is in the heart of Lahore, in Gulberg 3. We provide exceptional nationwide IT services and international system integrators. Netpac boasts an extensive range of IT, networking, and connectivity products such as the latest routers, cabling solutions, switches, power supplies, and the best fiber optics internet in Lahore. We have a team of professionals who focus primarily on the quality of products that we sell and distribute to our prestigious clientele. 

For over 29 years, Netpac hasn’t just distributed technology; it has assembled an array of intelligent solutions in e-security and e-business. Think of us as expert architects, selecting the finest digital bricks that provide advanced surveillance, strong IT infrastructure, and intuitive software to build evident solutions for each respected client. Our dedication to customer success is woven into every fiber of our service. Whether you’re a seasoned reseller or a startup, Netpac ensures your digital connectivity is smooth, with exceptional after-sales support and a fast delivery network. Additionally, with over 29 years of expertise and representing 21+ leading brands, Netpac boasts a track record of 10,000+ successful projects, solidifying our position as Pakistan’s top IT solutions provider. 

Netpac’s Baynet: Providing the Best Fiber Optics Internet in Lahore 

Experience top-tier internet connectivity through Netpac’s Baynet, delivering unmatched Fiber Optics Internet in Lahore and much more. Baynet offers an extensive array of Cabling Solutions, including cutting-edge Cat 6 cables, Active Products, FTTH GPON/EPON Solutions, and Power Supplies. Baynet, backed by Netlink’s proficiency, ensures a flawless cable connection for high-speed internet, establishing itself as the crest of quality and dependability. Elevate your connectivity experience with Baynet’s advanced offerings, tailored for a dynamic digital world, and enjoy smooth connectivity solutions.

Product Profile of Baynet’s Fiber Optic Internet Solutions

Baynet by Netpac is proud to provide Pakistan’s best Fiber Optics Internet in Lahore. We have an extensive range of amazing Fiber optic products, such as: 

  • Single Mode Fiber Optic Cables Gyts Armored Direct Burial: When demanding environments challenge your data transmission, armored fiber optic cables deliver eminent strength. Their multi-layered construction provides superior protection. A robust outer jacket safeguards against rodent infestations. Additionally, they are engineered to withstand harsh conditions and rough handling. They also maintain signal integrity even with bends and turns which is perfect for complex network layouts. They can cater to diverse needs with a range of core counts such as 2-core single mode, ideal for high-bandwidth indoor applications. And 6, 8, 12, 24 & 48-core GYTS single mode for large-scale projects and future expansion.
  • Single Mod Duplex Patch Cords: Power-demanding devices like video IP phones, multi-antenna wireless access points, and complex surveillance cameras with ease using PoE+ switches. These switches have powerful delivery, eliminating the need for separate power cables and simplifying network infrastructure.
  • ODF Wall Mount mm/sm: These premium multimode ODF Wall Mount cables feature the industry standard 62.5/125 micron core and PC polish connectors, these cables ensure reliable data transmission with low signal loss.
  • Multimode Om2 Duplex Patch Cords: Reliable connectivity for network equipment with 62.5/125-micron fibers, premium connectors, and PC polish. 
  • Multimode Om3 Duplex Patch Cords: Identified by aqua jacket color it is a prompt 10 Gigabit Ethernet for up to 300 meters, and versatile 40/100 Gigabit at 100 meters. 
  • ODF Rack Mount mm/sm: Optimized for FTTH PON networks, this purpose-built rack has high-density feeder or splitter panels.
  • ODF Rack Mount Sliding mm/sm: This sliding ODF is also a purpose-built rack designed to accommodate high-density Feeder Panels or Splitter Panels. It is commonly used in FTTH PON networks
  • SC Connectors / Splicing Trays / Sleaves: Reliable data transmission and longevity with industry-standard SC connectors. Splice trays provide organized protection for individual or mass fusion spliced fibers, ideal for enclosures and patch panels.
  • ODF Outdoor Wall Mount mm/sm: Install fiber optic equipment securely in outdoor settings with weather-resistant ODF wall mounts, ensuring confidence in deployment even in challenging environmental conditions. Designed for standard metric (ETSI) racks, these enclosures offer easy integration and protection.
  • Termination Box Plastic & Mattel mm/sm: Termination boxes deliver secure housings for fixed connections, ideal for permanent installations.
  • Cable Connection Box: Cable connection boxes offer superior flexibility for future expansion and adding new connections.

Why Trust Netpac? 

NETPAC stands out as the favored choice for networking solutions and the best fiber optics internet in Lahore, earning the trust of the world’s leading manufacturers. Renowned for its extensive market share in both Active and Passive Network devices, NETPAC is a customer-centric powerhouse, prioritizing Small and Medium-sized Businesses (SMBs). With an impressive ex-stock availability of all major products, NETPAC ensures efficient and fast service, equipped and ready to initiate any network within a day. The company’s commitment extends to the Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) process, complemented by Backup Equipment support. NETPAC excels in delivering professional solutions built on reliable and resilient products, all while providing outstanding services and support. Choosing NETPAC means opting for a partner that not only meets the demands of leading manufacturers but also prioritizes customer satisfaction through prompt problem-solving solutions.

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