Why Netpac..?

Distributors play a salient role in the quickly changing field of information technology. Among these, NetPac is a shining example of brilliance, having shaped Pakistan’s IT sector since 1993. NetPac, a TP-link distributor in Pakistan that has seen an impressive annual growth rate of 24% over the past ten years, has become a prominent distributor of major multinational information technology firms.

With a broad product focus, NetPac is the leading TP Link distributor in Pakistan. And essential to giving Pakistani consumers and companies access to state-of-the-art technological solutions.

The Backbone of IT Distribution:

Since our establishment in 1993, We have continuously shown that it is its dedication to providing Pakistan with IT goods. Finally, Our company’s strategic alliances with well-known international brands enable it to offer cutting-edge products and services to satisfy the wide range of demands of its customers. Because of this, NetPac has established a solid reputation as a conduit between suppliers and customers, guaranteeing that the appropriate technology is always available.

The Growth Trajectory:

An outstanding feature of our journey over the past ten years has been a steady annual growth rate of 24%. Our commitment to quality, flexibility in responding to shifting market conditions, and value delivery to our clientele. Moreover, our growth story demonstrates Pakistan’s increasing demand for modern technology solutions in addition to our company leadership.

Impressive Portfolio:

One of the key reasons behind NetPac’s remarkable success is our extensive product portfolio, which encompasses a variety of renowned international IT manufacturers. Such as Some of the prominent brands distributed by NetPac include TP-LINK, MERCUSYS, HIKVISION, BAYNET, WI-TEK, MIKROTIK, and UBIQUITI. To clarify some more brands are MIMOSA, V.SOL, LITANG, SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC, CORNING, PANDUIT, ZKTECO, TOTEN, and NETLINK. These partnerships give us a distinctive edge in catering to the diverse demands of the Pakistani IT market.

  • TP-LINK and MERCUSYS: NetPac’s partnership with TP-LINK and MERCUSYS brings high-quality networking equipment to the Pakistani market. TP-LINK is a global leader in networking products, offering a wide range of routers, switches, and Wi-Fi solutions. MERCUSYS, a subsidiary of TP-LINK, focuses on providing affordable yet reliable networking solutions.
  • HIKVISION: HIKVISION is a renowned name in the field of video surveillance and security systems. NetPac’s distribution of HIKVISION products ensures that businesses and individuals in Pakistan have access to cutting-edge security technology.
  • Baynet and Wi-Tek: Overall, these brands are recognized for their network infrastructure solutions, including switches, routers, and access points, which are essential for establishing robust and efficient networks.
  • MikroTik and Ubiquiti: These manufacturers are known for their exceptional wireless communication and networking products, enabling high-speed connectivity and reliable data transmission.

Some Well Known Brands:

  • Mimosa: As a provider of wireless broadband solutions, Mimosa’s products are pivotal for expanding internet connectivity, especially in remote areas.
  • V.SOL and Litang: These brands specialize in fiber optic cabling solutions, which are vital components of data and communication networks.
  • Schneider Electric, Corning, and Panduit: These companies provide critical infrastructure solutions, including power management, structured cabling, and data center solutions, ensuring that businesses have the necessary foundations for their IT operations.
  • ZKTeco: In short ZKTeco is a leading player in the security market, offering advanced access control and time attendance systems.
  • Toten: Toten’s expertise lies in manufacturing high-quality server racks, providing the essential hardware for data centers and server rooms.
  • Netlink: Netlink specializes in connectivity solutions, including patch cords, cable management, and more, facilitating efficient network setups.

Enabling Technological Advancement:

Our extensive product portfolio plays an important role in enabling technological advancement across various sectors in Pakistan. Whether it’s enhancing communication through Ubiquiti’s wireless solutions, bolstering security with HIKVISION’s surveillance systems, or ensuring data reliability with Schneider. Electric’s power management solutions, NetPac contributes significantly to the country’s technological progress.

Key Factors Contributing to NetPac’s Success:

Several factors have played a pivotal role in our journey to becoming a leading IT distribution company in Pakistan:

  • Strong Partnerships: Our strategic partnerships with international IT manufacturers have been instrumental in providing a diversified and high-quality product portfolio.
  • Quality Assurance: our company’s rigorous quality assurance ensures that every product distributed is reliable and capable of meeting specific needs.
  • Customer-Centric Approach: NetPac places its customers at the core of its business operations. Our commitment to understanding the unique requirements of its clientele and tailoring solutions accordingly has been a key driver of its success.
  • Technical Expertise: NetPac’s team consists of experts who possess technical knowledge, allowing them to offer technical support to customers.
  • Efficient Distribution Network: We offer an efficient distribution network that ensures that products reach customers across Pakistan promptly or vast reach has contributed significantly to its widespread presence in the country.
  • Adaptability: NetPac is adept at adapting to changing market conditions and technological advancements. This adaptability ensures that the company continues to meet the ever-evolving needs of its customers.

Outlook for the Future:

In summary, NetPac continues to chart a path of growth and success, Our future outlook appears promising. With the increasing demand for IT solutions in Pakistan across various sectors, We are well-positioned to continue its expansion. Our commitment to providing premium technology, excellent customer service, and innovative solutions will undoubtedly contribute to Pakistan’s technological development.

Furthermore, the evolving IT landscape, including the advent of 5G technology. The growing importance of cybersecurity, and the expansion of e-commerce, offers numerous opportunities for NetPac to leverage its expertise and product portfolio. In other words, this places NetPac in a strong position to meet the emerging technology needs of businesses, government institutions, educational organizations, and individuals in Pakistan.


NetPac’s remarkable journey from its inception in 1993 to its current status as a leading IT distribution company. TP-link distributor in Pakistan is a testament to its unwavering commitment to excellence, quality, and customer satisfaction. Finally, With a diverse portfolio of top-tier international IT manufacturers. We are at the forefront of technological advancements in Pakistan. Enabling businesses and individuals to harness the power of modern IT solutions.

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