MIMOSA Backhaul and Client Radio (C5c) , Max Throughput: PTMP: 500+ Mbps, PTP: 700+ Mbps , Modes: PTMP Client, PTP Backhaul, 2×2:2 MIMO OFDM , (PoE Injector not included)




A flexible connectorized client radio option for long-range and unique antenna needs is the Mimosa C5c. The C5c is the most scalable wireless access solution currently available and allows the fastest speeds thanks to the incorporation of innovative Multi-User MIMO and TDMA client technologies for the Mimosa GPS sync-equipped network. Long-range and properly installed rural fixed wireless applications are perfect for the C5c.


  • Max Throughput: 500+ Mbps IP (866 Mbps PHY)
  • Wireless Protocols: WiFi Interop Mimosa GPS Sync (TDMA)**
  • Modes: Client Mode only


  • MIMO & Modulation: 2×2:2 MIMO OFDM up to 256-QAM
  • Bandwidth*: 20/40/80 MHz channels tunable to 5 MHz increments for GPS Sync; Tunable to standard WiFi channels for WiFi Interop
  • Frequency Range: 4900 – 6200 MHz restricted by country of operation (‘new’ US/FCC 5600-5650 support)
  • Max Output Power: 20 dBm
  • Sensitivity ( MCS 0 ): -87 dBm @ 80 MHz -90 dBm @ 40 MHz -93 dBm @ 20 MHz


  • Gigabit Ethernet: 10/100/1000-BASE-T
  • Multi-User MIMO**: CPE is MU-MIMO capable
  • Management Services: Mimosa cloud monitoring and management SNMPv2 & Syslog legacy monitoring HTTPS HTML 5 based Web UI
  • Smart Spectrum Management: Active scan monitors/logs ongoing RF interference across channels (no service impact) Dynamic auto-optimization of channel and bandwidth use
  • Security: WPA2 + Mimosa 802.1x Client
  • QoS: Supports 4 pre-configured QoS levels