Discover Litang’s Copper cat-6 Network cable, Aerial (CLT) Fiber Cable, CCAM cat-6 Network cable, Optical Fiber Cable uses, Armoured GYTS outdoor cable, central loose tube fiber cable, and more. Contact us regarding Network cable price in Pakistan for complete security solutions.
Network cable price in Pakistan
Copper Cat-6 Network Cable
The Cat 6 specification requires pure copper conductors, guaranteeing dependable data transmission. You can contact us for more information and options regarding Network Cable price in Pakistan explore your options with us
CCAM Cat-6 Network Cable
CAT6, a standardized twisted pair Ethernet cable, stays backward compatible with CAT5/5e and CAT3 cable standards, ensuring versatility in networking. You can check the Network Cable price in Pakistan for cost-effective connectivity solutions
Aerial Fiber cable
2 Core FTTH Drop Cable

FTTH drop cables play a vital role in subscriber connections, facilitating the link between the Optical Distribution Point and the Optical Telecommunications Outlet. When deploying FTTH networks, integrating central loose tube fiber cable technology is paramount. Central loose tube fiber cable offers exceptional durability and performance, making it an ideal choice for FTTH applications 

CLT Fiber Without Steel Tape

Using advanced extruding technology, CLT/GYXTW Optical Fiber Cables offer flexible fibers within the tube for excellent bending endurance. Ideal for both Optical Fiber Cable uses and Aerial Fiber Cable installations. The Affordable Network cable Price in Pakistan are available here that fulfill your needs

CLT Fiber With Steel Tape OD 7.5mm

CLT/GYXTW Optical Fiber Cables, known for their advanced technology, offer flexibility and durability for various Optical Fiber Cable uses, making them ideal for applications like Aerial (CLT) Fiber Cable installations

Aerial Fiber cable
Fiber Optic Armoured GYTS Outdoor Cable

Armored fiber optic cable, designed to safeguard against threats like rodents, abrasion, and twisting, comprises multiple protective layers. The robust plastic outer jacket ensures durability, making it suitable for various applications. When considering Network cable price in Pakistan, the added protection of armored fiber optic cables is a valuable investment for long-lasting and reliable connectivity solutions

Feature Products

The Feature products of LITANG are: the LT-LC005-6U-C-24AWG, works well. The LITANG GYTS 6B is tough, and the LITANG GYXY-2B is slim at 5.5mm, for various needs. These products are evidence of LITANG’s dedication to delivering high-quality connectivity solutions that you can rely on.
Network cable price in Pakistan
Network cable price in Pakistan